America Prime (A’) is a flourishing platform and community – a group of individuals who have made an inclusive commitment to support one another – focused on sharing and generating ideas and information concerning Americanism.

  • As Americans, we celebrate and defend our constitutional republic, our civil society, our cultural heritage, and the achievements of Western civilization.
  • We value and reaffirm the essential doctrines and principles of the American founding, born of intuition, faith, experience, and right reason:  a humane society ordered around natural law (including external truths and a transcendent moral order), unalienable rights (including individual liberty, justice, and private property), and the institutions of constitutional republicanism and market capitalism.
  • We recognize that we are in the midst of an existential national crisis and assert a dignified, principled response against the forces eroding Western ideals and undermining Americanism, whether they be elements of communism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, positivism, progressivism, relativism, secularism, socialism, statism, or tyranny in any form.
  • We particularly promote religious liberty, free markets, the rule of law, national sovereignty, an unbiased classical education based on the traditions of Western culture, and a free press that is either impartial or at least honest about its prejudice.
  • Our focus is on education, informed action, principled policy, and results.  We value logic and reason, and are interested in how religion and science inform ourselves and our institutions.
  • We are hopeful parents and grandparents who care profoundly for our children and grandchildren.  Their future motivates us.


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