America Prime (A’)

America Prime or A’ is several things.

First, it is a learning platform.  Our focus is on education and informed action.  We value logic and reason, and are interested in how religion and science inform ourselves and our institutions.  Policy and product matter, not personality.

Second, it is a small part of a broadening movement against anti-American forces such as progressivism, relativism, socialism, communism, statism, and tyranny in its various forms.  These forces have infested much of the legacy media and our political institutions.  They are metastasizing and strengthening throughout our culture.

Third, it connotes a substantial subset of liberty-loving Americans who share our values and objectives.  We believe in the importance of a strong civil society, individualism, and virtue.  The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are sacred documents.

Finally, it suggests hope.  We are parents and grandparents who care deeply for our children and grandchildren.  Their future motivates us.

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