“By almost any measure, the quality of civic education in America has become a national crisis.  The Nation’s Report Card, as the National Assessment of Educational Progress testing is called, last showed that only 18% of 8th graders were “proficient” or better in US history, 23% in civics and government.  More troubling, only 1-2% scored as “advanced” in these fields.  A recent study by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only 36% of Americans could pass the citizenship test that is part of the immigration process, a test that immigrants pass at a 97.5% rate.  A 2017 Annenberg study reported that 75% of Americans do not know the three branches of government and 37% could not name one right in the First Amendment. Young people say they like socialism but it is clear that they do not understand what that means.  And yes, it is true that there are students who think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court and the Cold War was caused by climate change.”  David Davenport, “The Civic Education Crisis,” Defining Ideas – A Hoover Institution Journal, 4/5/2019.


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