“In sum, any charge of obstruction depends on a broad and tendentious reading of section 1512(c)(2), as Barr pointed out in his memo. A case for impeachment should not depend upon fanciful arguments but should rest on proven acts that fall within the core definition of obstruction. On this point, the Democrats should curb their enthusiasm. It seems quite likely that Barr will order a long overdue investigation of the Clinton campaign, the discredited Steele Dossier, and the DNC’s cozy relationship to the FBI, which he has pointedly charged with spying on political opponents. The last thing the Democrats need is a broad definition of obstruction when activities such as submitting false affidavits or deleting emails may well constitute obstruction under a far narrower definition of the term.”  Richard A. Epstein, “Barr Trumps Mueller,” Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution), 4/22/2019.


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