“When it comes to illegal immigration and crime, media outlets often lavish attention on fatally flawed studies while ignoring straightforward, comprehensive, and rigorously documented facts about this issue. Such facts show that Trump is correct on this point. Illegal immigrants are much more likely to commit serious crimes than the general public.

However, the opposite is true when it comes to legal immigrants, especially those who become U.S. citizens. They are 79% less likely than the general public to be incarcerated in adult correctional facilities. In this case, deportations are not a factor, because immigrants who become citizens generally cannot be deported unless they are stripped of their citizenship, which is a rare occurrence.

There’s good reason why immigrant citizens are so law-abiding. To become U.S. citizens, they must pass a full FBI background check, demonstrate they have good moral character, show they will not be a financial burden on taxpayers, and take a public oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. Illegal immigrants avoid such vetting, and this allows masses of criminals to enter the U.S.”  J.D. Agresti, “Illegal Immigrants Are Far More Likely to Commit Serious Crimes Than the U.S. Public,” Just Facts Daily, 6/29/2018.


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