Fighting the Left’s Hold on Education

“The most promising and viable proposal is to found a new private university designed to rival America’s most influential and prestigious institutions. This project, which, if carefully planned, could largely pay for itself, would be feasible if donors who care about academic excellence and free speech in education would give the new school as much money as they currently give other universities that misuse their contributions. (In 2017, donors gave American colleges and universities a record $43.6 billion, more than Harvard’s endowment of $36 billion.) The new university could also attract donors who now give little or nothing to education because they realize that their money will probably be misspent. Only founding a new university can solve the problem that faces all reformers of American higher education: getting administrators and professors to do things that they are unwilling to do. A new university could select its administrators and faculty to ensure that they were committed to the goals that the university was founded to pursue.”  Warren Treadgold, “Shining Campus on a Hill,” City Journal, Spring 2019.


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