Progressivism Without Guard Rails

“On Wednesday, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill 5, which poses an existential threat to the very gig economy that Democrats tout as the heart and soul of California’s economy.  It’s a union-crafted disaster that codifies the state Supreme Court’s Dynamex decision from last year. …..Speaking of crazy, the Legislature passed a bill that will provide a form of statewide rent control.  Assembly Bill 1482 is pitched as an anti-rent-gouging measure, but it is de facto rent control.  It would cap rent increases (on homes 15 years or older) at 5 percent a year plus inflation in cities that don’t already have rent-control provisions.  It also requires evictions to have a “just cause.”…..And for a real sense of this year’s legislative priorities, consider Senate Bill 419, which the governor already signed into law.  It forbids public and charter schools from suspending students (through eighth grade) for willfully defying school authorities.”  Steven Greenhut, “Progressivism Without Guard Rails,” American Spectator, 9/12/2019.


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