Abuse of Power: When LBJ Spied on Goldwater

“Liberals bellyache over what they call “whataboutism.” It’s a handy tactic they’ve embraced to counter conservatives who remind them of unseemly things their icons have done in the past, for which liberals conveniently look the other way. They want to talk about Donald Trump and Russian collusion, and we have the audacity to remind them of the hard evidence (a literal KGB memo) of what their “Lion of the Senate,” Ted Kennedy, did with the Russians, which they dutifully ignored throughout Kennedy’s life. They find one insulting albeit questionable statement from Ronald Reagan and they begin removing his name from buildings, while they ignore a litany of offensive remarks and actions from icons ranging from Woodrow Wilson to Margaret Sanger to Hillary Clinton. Heck, old Maggie gets a pass for speaking to the KKK in May 1926.”  Paul Kengor, “Abuse of Power: When LBJ Spied on Goldwater,” American Spectator, 11/7/2019.


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