The Facts About Trump That Are Deadly For Democrats

  • “In 1986, Trump helped stop the foreclosure of Annabel Hill’s family farm in Georgia. He contributed $39,000 toward the money she needed to pay off the mortgage.
  • Two years later, Trump sent his personal jet to fly 3-year-old Andrew Ten across the country for critical medical care after commercial airlines refused to allow his life-support system on board.
  • In 2000, Trump gave a ‘generous’ check to the family of a young girl named Megan, who was suffering from Brittle Bone Disease. He saw her on the Maury Povich show and was moved.
  • Trump not only allowed actress Jennifer Hudson, who is black, and her family to stay free at his Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago after her mother and brother were murdered in 2008, he apparently increased security for them.
  • Three years before winning the presidency, Trump gave a $10,000 check to bus driver Darnell Barton, who stopped a suicidal woman from jumping off an overpass in Buffalo.
  • A year later, Trump wrote a $25,000 check to retired Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who had been in a Mexican jail for seven months. While carrying loaded weapons, he had made a wrong turn on a California freeway that forced him into the Tijuana port of entry with no way to turn back. Trump sent the money to help Tahmooressi ‘get back on his feet.'”

I&I Editorial Board, “The Facts About Trump That Are Deadly For Democrats,” Issues & Insights, 2/12/2020.



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