Where Are the Lawsuits Against Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti?

“All of which brings us to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to shut off water and power to all “nonessential” businesses in Los Angeles that haven’t closed. Well, of course. This is what politicians always do. They always overreach, only to turn a problem into an economy-crushing crisis. …..[T]hese are the kinds of tragedies that present themselves any time the prominent in our midst accept political overreach for “others” seemingly not as wise as them. It manifests itself in what’s happening in Los Angeles whereby a mere politician, allegedly a servant to Los Angelenos, can strip away their livelihoods and life’s work in the most ghoulish of ways. Where’s the outrage?”  John Tamny, “Where Are the Lawsuits Against Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti?” Real Clear Markets, 3/27/2020.


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