Democrats’ Pennsylvania Trouble

“Pennsylvania’s voters will ultimately view the election as a referendum on the pandemic. Though the state’s political map favors Biden, his party’s energy platform and Wolf’s overreach could lead enough disenchanted voters to the GOP fold. Lamb’s district is a gauge of the electoral mood. The Democratic congressman, hailed for his upset special-election victory in 2018, was outraised in the second quarter by Sean Parnell, a U.S. Army combat veteran. The district—home to Royal Dutch Shell’s future petrochemical complex, one of America’s largest construction sites—includes the kind of working-class voter who questions the Democratic Party’s commitment to his economic interests. Statewide, policies that imperil the crucial energy sector or shutter small businesses could lead blue-collar voters to conclude that Biden, like Wolf, is not their friend.”  Charles F. McElwee, “Democrats’ Pennsylvania Trouble,” City Journal, 7/24/2020.



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