Weltwoche Daily Interview with Victor Davis Hanson

Weltwoche: Can President-elect Joe Biden heal the nation as he promises?

Hanson: No. He doesn’t want to. He’s a captive of his coalition. They hijacked him to acquire a moderate veneer so they could push through a radical Bernie Sanders-AOC message. He made that false bargain. Now that he’s president, the IOUs are due. If you saw him on TV, his speech about racism, he had all of the symptoms of somebody who was not completely there. He was angry. He was calling people thugs. He was saying they [Trump supporters] were racists, and Donald Trump would not be going. 

Biden never was a unifier. That was the myth of it all. He’s always been a polarizing figure. He was the one that destroyed Robert Bork’s nomination. He almost destroyed Clarence Thomas’ nomination. He always picks fights with people. He had all of these stories about how he beat people up. He is not a very sympathetic figure. He’s not going to heal anybody. He’s incapable of it.”

Urs Gehriger, “Interview with Victor Davis Hanson,” Weltwoche Daily, 1/13/2020.


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