The Government Censors Are Here

“Government censorship must be abhorred in a free society, and the fact we’re watching a political party in power attempt to suppress speech is clear evidence we’ve entered an era in which freedom is only for the card-carrying members of the ruling class. A federal judge shouldn’t have to say, as one did a few years back, that “we do not want the government … deciding what is political truth – for fear that the government might persecute those who criticize it. Instead, in a democracy, the voters should decide.”

But this is where we are in an America no previous generation would recognize. And the downward spiral is accelerating. Unless our decline is turned around hard and soon, it won’t be long before we’re burning books, because we’re already symbolically burning anyone who dares express a view that dissents from the Democrat-media narrative.”

I & I Editorial Board, “The Government Censors Are Here,” Issues & Insights, 2/24/2021.


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