Philosophy for Laymen: Second Thoughts About Left and Right

“In short, globalization has become a powerful tool for creating vertical power structures and separating ordinary people from their traditional cultures. Our last best hope for an antidote remains in the hearts and minds of free-thinking men and women. Only a renewed commitment to independent thought, work, faith, family, and nation can produce the energy and confidence required to see us through these tortured and uncertain times.”

William Brooks, “Philosophy for Laymen: Second Thoughts About Left and Right,” The Epoch Times, 3/1/2021.


1 thought on “Philosophy for Laymen: Second Thoughts About Left and Right

  1. Great article. How do we get more people to read and grasp what is happening to society before our very eyes: cancel-culture; the weaponizing of ‘sex abuse’ accusations; the convenient racist label applied so irresponsibly; the gross manipulation and coziness of the media and the tech corps; the “book-burnings”; and the rapid decay of our educational system throughout the entire spectrum. We’re in serious trouble as a nation. Hard to fathom how quickly the cancer is metastasizing.


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