Blue State Blues: Don’t Worry, Nothing Joe Biden Does Will Work

“Like Obama, who was impervious to the lessons of history, and the failure of socialism everywhere it has been tried, Biden is concentrating power in the federal government for the sake of doing so. He is not thinking about what will produce the best outcomes. Rather, he is thinking about the opportunity to be the next Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which means doing big things because he can.

So here is my own theorem for the Biden administration — really, a hypothesis about the next four years (including any part of Biden’s term that would be run by Kamala Harris when she takes over for the ailing president).

Almost nothing that Biden does will work, because socialism at home and appeasement abroad have never worked. Those things that work under Biden will be the things that were already working, thanks to President Donald Trump, or things people would have done anyway.”

Joel B. Pollak, “Blue State Blues: Don’t Worry, Nothing Joe Biden Does Will Work,” Breitbart, 4/9/2021.


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