Why I’m Not Getting the Vaccine

“‘Science’ is very popular these days. It is now defined as ‘a series of dogmatic principles which cannot be questioned or evaluated.’ This is somewhat different from how I remember science being explained to me in school, when it referred to precisely the opposite concept: Having a testable hypothesis open to revision as new information becomes available. 

‘Believing in science,’ it turns out, is much more about believing than it is about science. It is hardly surprising that it has become a new religion to people who threw away Christianity or Judaism before realizing they needed to believe in something. Invoking ‘science’ with religious fervor as the reason certain precepts are beyond question is, I think, more dangerous to society than my own desire to wait and see how safe the vaccine is.”

Dan Gelernter, “Why I’m Not Getting the Vaccine,” American Greatness, 4/22/2021.


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