Education groups decry ‘cancel culture,’ ‘wokeism’ on college campuses

That response has been courageous and deserves praise, according to Peter Wood, president of the conservative National Association of Scholars (NAS). Mr. Bergman is a director of the association, which also has come under attack from Central Connecticut State faculty as a right-wing extremist group.

Mr. Bergman’s odyssey has come in an intellectual atmosphere he and Mr. Wood compared to totalitarian regimes in which intellectuals are forced to conform to a party line rather than their scholarly opinions.

“It’s like the USSR under Bolshevism,” Mr. Bergman said. “The emphasis is on imposing a political orthodoxy.”

Mr. Wood echoed that view.

“Faculty members have to walk on eggshells with their students who are not only primed to take offense but who have the power to destroy careers with frivolous complaints that no one dares to call frivolous.” Mr. Wood told The Times.”

James Varney, “Education groups decry ‘cancel culture,’ ‘wokeism’ on college campuses,” Washington Times, 7/1/2021.


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