How ‘Zuckbucks’ Gave Pennsylvania Democrats Special Advantages In The 2020 Election

“Despite widespread allegations of fraud after the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, I feel confident that fraudulent votes did not decide the election’s outcome. On the other hand, I can say with confidence that the election in my home state was not conducted fairly.

Through a series of open records requests, Broad + Liberty, a media outlet I helped found, discovered that the Chicago-based Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) targeted counties that vote Democrat with their election grants. Not only that, but officials at the highest levels of Pennsylvania’s state government — including the then-secretary of state, the person in charge of overseeing the election in Pennsylvania —  played a role in the effort to get these private funds to Democrat-leaning counties.

CTCL rose to prominence when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg donated an initial $300 million to the organization on September 1, 2020 — two months before the November election. But CTCL’s efforts to fund election operations were underway well before the “Zuckbucks” poured in. As early as July 2020, emails show that CTCL and its partners targeted the Democratic strongholds of Allegheny County (home to Pittsburgh) and Philadelphia, as well as Philadelphia’s suburban counties — all of which voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

Terry Tracy, “How ‘Zuckbucks’ Gave Pennsylvania Democrats Special Advantages In The 2020 Election,” The Federalist, 10/25/2021.


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