You’re Entering the Final Phase Before Victory

“The left was so full of hubris and arrogance that they believed they had already won. They thought that leftist victory was baked into the new multi-ethnic America electorate and the power of the rainbow coalition. But in their arrogance, they overstepped. They boiled the frog too quickly, and people are sick of it.

That’s why they must turn to authoritarianism–because they’ve lost the people. That’s why they send the FBI and the entire deep state to surveil and arrest us. That’s why they used COVID to shut down America. That’s why they censor us on big tech platforms. That’s why they want to take our guns. That’s why they want to criminalize speech. And that’s why they raided Donald Trump’s personal home.

It’s all because their insanity has been exposed. Now, they can only win by coercion and force.

This is the final stage. Now that they realize they’ve lost the people, they mandate the people.

Make no mistake–things will get worse before they get better. But they’re only doing this because it’s their last-ditch attempt to hold on to power. They can only win through coercion. This is the final point in the war between leftists and Western Civilization that has dominated American politics since the end of the Cold War.

Don’t let these raids intimidate you. This is the final stage before victory. Don’t stop fighting. In the end, we win.”

Charlie Kirk, “You’re Entering the Final Phase Before Victory,” Human Events, 8/10/2022.


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