GOP Needs To Get Rid Of McConnell, Not Trump

“But in a world where the left wants to let boys dominate girls on their sports teams, advocates for taxpayer-funded abortion for any reason until the moment of birth, pushes for state-sanctioned racist curricula in government schools, oscillates between demanding police be defunded and law-abiding citizens be disarmed, insists riots are mostly peaceful when their allies initiate them, hosts banana-republic style show trials against political opponents, insists concerns about election security amount to insurrection, and supports a vaccinate-or-be-fired approach to health, there’s no going back to the way things were.

And no world where a demonstrably corrupt law enforcement bureau can attack the former president and current opposition party leader can be considered post-Trump. He’s very much still with us, and now he’s back in the mud.

The future of the party can only have one leader, and we’d best not dispense with our best fighter. McConnell’s got to go.”

Kylee Griswold, “GOP Needs To Get Rid Of McConnell, Not Trump,” Federalist, 8/12/2022.


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