Vaxxes and Why Yoga Instructors Are Smarter Than Doctors

“Last week, the CDC significantly revised the guidelines that, for the past 29 months, led to social, psychological and economic catastrophe. The CDC also announced that, given its recent and overdue loss of face, it’s doing a makeover.

Those responsible for the overreaction should apologize in detail and be imprisoned. Instead, we’ll get new acronyms and other cheesy bureaucratic gimmicks. They’ll hire a tony, heavily-connected DC PR firm to slickly reinvent and rebrand this politically-tainted entity.

For 29 months, many Democrats like my masked attorney/neighbor and the complicit media have naively followed—and insisted that everyone else follow—poor advice offered by random “medical professionals” and “government experts.” They’ll buy this next, revisionist phase of the scam, as well.

Such widespread critical thinking deficits have enabled massive, comprehensive, lasting damage.”

Mark Oshinskie, “Vaxxes and Why Yoga Instructors Are Smarter Than Doctors,” Dispatches from a Scamdemic (Substack), 8/25/2022.


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