Objectives for 2022 and Beyond

America Prime is hard at work with its partners on the November 2022 elections, with a special focus on voter registration and turnout and election integrity. Below is an outline of our objectives for the next 3 years. We are winning battles and we will win the war.


  1. Senate 52, House 240, Governors 30
  2. Improve U.S. Congressional leadership, especially in U.S. Senate
  3. Highlight extreme media and polling bias in 2022 elections


  1. Regime accountability and obstruction
  2. Recommence advance of American agenda
  3. Improve and strengthen election integrity


  1. Restore American presidency
  2. Senate 56, House 250, Governors 33
  3. Redouble efforts for Convention of States


  1. Press on, no turning back

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